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The Pause Button of Life

This year brings new challenges, new adventures, new things to be grateful for and a new outlook for the years ahead.

Last year, we saw incredible examples of unity and togetherness, despite so many of us being forced to remain apart. It was also a year of celebrating the small moments and grieving over the larger ones that impacted us most. Now more than ever, it’s important to honor the power and impact of visual storytelling. We were asked to reflect on the past year, look through our portfolios and tell our story of with just one photo.

Uncover the art of visual storytelling and learn photography blogging challenges. Discover the power of capturing moments and telling stories through one photo.

What moments did you document this year? How did your photography change? What’s that one photo and one story that means a lot to you? Check out some of our moments and follow us on our blog !

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